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Sign Zone LA, Inc. makes indoor and outdoor, custom banners of all types. They can be used for a variety of promotional purposes, such as sales, special events, product identification, schools, churches, sporting events, sponsors, and trade shows. Our high-quality printing combined with our wide variety of banner materials means we can produce custom banners to suit any application.

A banner provides a flexible, portable, and affordable way to put your message in many places. Banners are an excellent visual communication tool for both interior and exterior applications. Whether it’s for trade shows, product launches, special events or even street pole displays, custom banners create a powerful signage program in ways that many other types of signs simply cannot match. Gone are the days when banners were boring pieces of vinyl with one or two colors of text and simple graphics. Advances in digital print technology now allow us to bring the powerful impact of full-color design to custom banners.

Whether it be indoor or outdoor, small or super large, single or double sided, Sign Zone LA, Inc. can handle the job. We offer a wide selection of vinyl banner materials, in various weights and finishes, including some that can be printed on both sides. We have synthetic banner materials that are great for indoor use, a wide range of fabric banner options, as well as many options for mesh banners. The banner finishes include sewn, hemmed, stitched, welded, pole-pocket, grommets, etc.

Retractable Banners

Retractable banners reach optimal portability by being able to pull out of and retract into an aluminum stand or base. This feature makes them a perfect fit for displaying in trade shows, events, conferences, and pretty much any retail space.