Who We Are

Our Approach:

To lead the industry in sign creation in a cost-effective manner, at Sign Zone LA we invest in technology and equipment that are ahead of the curve, and we welcome you to visit our facility. We travel abroad, study the latest trends, attend trade shows, and incorporate the latest technology, information, and learning into innovative design solutions. We are experts in integrating building requirements, permits, and compliance into all of our designs and installations. Plus, as recognized industry experts, Sign Zone LA is the one called upon by other sign vendors, architects, and builders to consult on signage projects and/or fix sign designs and installations that are out-of-compliance and cited by regulatory authorities. 

Our Client Focus

At Sign Zone LA, we make every effort to understand each client’s unique needs and craft the appropriate custom design solution. We service clients of all sizes and industries, ranging from small boutique shops, restaurants, and hotels to enterprise-level businesses, large industrial complexes, chain stores, cities, and other public entities, for all interior and exterior signage needs.

We thrive on challenging projects. Our designs fit the unique brand aesthetics of our clients impeccably, draw people in, and break innovative ground. We are the sign vendor of choice for many contractors, architects, and interior designers.

Our Background: 

Sign Zone LA was founded in 2002 by husband-and-wife duo Chris Nalbandian and Lucy Karsian. Both came from rich artisanal and design backgrounds through family lineage and education. After both graduated from art colleges back in Armenia, Chris started his professional career working for his family’s Los Angeles-based antique and oriental rug repair business and moved on to become an expert jewelry craftsman and salesman, while Lucy gained sign industry experience as a graphic designer. Together, they dreamed of building a leading sign company dedicated to providing top-tier quality signage with innovation and expert solutions in mind. 

Chris and Lucy have surrounded themselves with fellow master craftspeople, artisans, and additional family members who live the same vision. The Sign Zone LA team treats each client as part of their family.  So, it’s not surprising that Sign Zone LA has made a lasting impression with a long list of happy, repeat clients, Today, Sign Zone has continued to solidify its reputation throughout Southern California, the US, and Europe.

Sign Zone Custom Sign Projects
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