Channel Letters

Channel Letters

At Sign Zone LA, our artistry really shows.  With Channel Letters, we shine in our ability to craft exclusive designs to showcase and attract people to your business. We offer Channel Lettering for exterior and interior signage.

What’s more, Sign Zone Channel Letter designs are created by world-class artists and artisans at our very own facility.  Our custom designs are often sought after by luxury hotels, restaurants, and retail storefronts throughout the US and Europe, due to the multiple sizes, lighting, color palette, and mounting options.

Sign Zone LA is a UL Certified Shop for electrical signs in the US and Canada. Learn More.

This is important. This provides assurance that our electrical signs are compliant with safety standards and performance requirements.

All manufacturers of electrical signs, such as Channel Letter signs, are legally required to have UL Certification. Don’t be tempted by lower pricing – make sure that your sign manufacturer is UL Certified. This is critical for safety and your liability. Electrical signs that are not produced correctly are fire and safety hazards.

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Channel Letters – Face Lit

Face lit channel letters have acrylic faces, which can be in a variety of colors, as well as white acrylic with a translucent vinyl overlay for an even greater selection of colors. The faces are mounted to the aluminum or metal return using a trim cap edge. The letters can be internally illuminated using an LED lighting system. They can be mounted either directly to the wall individually or mounted on a metal rectangular box called a raceway. The individual mounting looks much better than the raceway mounting because the raceways tend to be distracting and create unwanted shadows. However, many landlords prefer the raceway style of mounting because it requires fewer holes made on the building facade. Raceways are also required in case of limited access in the building facade for the electrical hook-up of the sign.

Channel Letters – Face Lit & Halo Lit

Both face lit and halo lit channel letters are typically crafted from durable materials like aluminum, and the lighting can be achieved using energy-efficient LEDs. The choice between these two types depends on your branding, aesthetic preferences, and the message you want to convey. Whichever you choose, channel letters are a powerful way to enhance your business’s visibility and make a memorable impression on passersby.

Channel Letters – Reverse Halo Lit

This type of lettering is designed to be mounted to the wall approximately 1.5″ off the wall and create a halo-lit effect at night with a soft glow around the letters. The illumination can be created with LED lighting. The illumination is not as bright as standard channel lettering, but it creates a very soft, elegant, and modern look for your business.

Channel Letters – Edge Lit

Edge lit channel letters are a contemporary and captivating variant of traditional channel letter signage. In this innovative design, the illumination source is located on the letter’s edges, creating a striking and visually appealing effect. These letters are characterized by their sleek and minimalist appearance.

Channel Letters – Trimless

Trimless channel letters are a contemporary and captivating variant of traditional channel letter signage.  These letters are characterized by their sleek and minimalist appearance.

Channel Letters – Open Face

Channel letters – open face are the same letters as face lit channel letters except that the metal return is left open, no acrylic face or trim cap is used, and the inside neon lighting or incandescent light bulb is exposed. These are classic, American style letters.

We pride ourselves in ensuring each Channel Letter design highlights a business according to brand specifics and provides optimal exposure by day or by night.  Illuminated Channel Letters by Sign Zone will help you to outshine the competition and provide extra visibility to stand out amid crowded infrastructure.

When you work with Sign Zone, your project is powered by the most advanced industry equipment and some of the most experienced craftspeople in the business. This enables us to offer you the most sophisticated, precision-crafted Letters and personalized signage solutions in the industry – every single time!

We recommend Channel Letters for:

  • Indoor Signage: If you want to showcase office lobby signs with your brand name or logo, Channel Letter signs are a radiant solution and easily integrated into the overall architecture and interior design aesthetic.
  • Outdoor Facility/Building SignageChannel Letter signs set your building apart from the visual noise in crowded business centers. These building signs are attention-grabbing while fitting well with the facade of your building.
  • Office, Retail Store Front, Shopping Center: Interior and exterior office signs help boost brand awareness and customer experience. Channel Letter signs are fully customizable, serve promotional as well as decorative purposes, and allow full customization to break out of the ordinary to the extraordinary.

At Sign Zone, we offer Channel Letter Signs with Multiple illumination Options: 

  • Front-Lit Channel LettersFace/side illuminated Channel Letters used inside/outside the facility to ensure 24/7 brand name recognition and long-distance visibility.
  • Side Illuminated Channel Letters: Edge-lit, half-side-lit, and halo-lit Channel Letters are a stylistic option available to give the sign a chic veneer.
  • Back Illumination Channel Letters:  The opposite of front-lit Channel Lettersbacklit or reverse Channel Letters have a translucent back creating a lustrous appearance.
  • Dual Illumination Channel Letters:  Back and face-lit Channel Letters are used to enhance the visibility of a logo or company name.
  • Open Face Channel Letters: With open-face custom Channel Letters, the face is either not covered at all or has a clear Lexan surface, often sports neon lights, and is used for cinema-style marquee Letters.

We Offer Multiple Mounting Options: At Sign Zone, to provide the ultimate in simplicity, aesthetics, and flexibility for building specs and compliance– we mount custom Channel Letter signs on a raceway, wireway, or directly onto the wall.

Sign Zone Permit Expertise:   Obtaining a permit for custom Channel Letter signs can be a confusing process. At Sign Zone, we have extensive expertise working with building inspectors and municipalities and can always guarantee our sign designs adhere to the strictest of parameters.  In this way, we can ensure quick approval.  Plus, at Sign Zone, we have a sign permit service team – this way they do the tedious legwork and handle the entire process, so you don’t have to!

We Love Sign Installation: Aside from manufacturing custom Channel Letters, Sign Zone offers sign installation services in Los Angeles and nationwide. We’ll position your signs perfectly while complying with municipal regulations and landlord requirements. Our crew will set up your sign with speed and accuracy leaving no stone unturned.

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